The best Productive task management software for 2021 to transform your teamwork

The best Productive task management software for 2021 to transform your teamwork

With more teams working remotely than ever before, it’s important to manage projects efficiently, Having a good task system where your teams can take advantage of task management software will infinitely simplify your daily workflow.

While generic programs with note-taking and organization functions like Google Sheets, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel can always help you with simple task management.

More sophisticated task tracking tools that can help with timesheets, file sharing, tracking objectives and key results are best suited for agencies, software development teams, small business, SaaS, or marketing team.

To help make your decision process easier, coachyvila had reviewed the best task management software for optimal success based on pricing, key features and their pro’s.


Best for a Detailed Overview of Your Tasks ($39 Per Month).


Nifty is the best-detailed overview of tasks, it can filter tasks by the due date, milestones and when you assign a task to a member from a list, they automatically get access to all the tasks on that list. You can create templates for recurring tasks, add subtasks to set smaller objectives and manage your tasks easily. Nifty time tracking features help you keep track of your hours and how much time you took to complete a task sort all the tasks by the deadline to know the task to finish first.

Niftypm Pro’s:

Easily add files (including Google Docs) to tasks, add comments, and change all other info on the go.

Markdown parsing in task descriptions and comments.

Active support team, is fast and attentive

Flexible platform for managing multiple projects

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Niftypm pricing:

Starter: $39 per month billed annually.

Pro: $79 per month billed annually.

Business: $124 per month billed annually.

Enterprise: Customizable plan

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Best Automation Features ($39 Per Month)


Monday code free automation and remote task management capabilities helps you with tasks like status change, setting up due dates, moving cards, sending notifications, and more. You can integrate over 50 business tools to bring all the data under one single dashboard from straightforward layout and UI you can get 360-degree view that can help streamlines your tasks.

Monday Pro’s

Grouping by workspace means you can easily manage multiple programs or clients and go from one to the other easily.

The dashboard functionality is a nice plus to get a quick overview.

Very good visual layout, this helps you view task with one glance

Monday Pricing:

Basic: $39 per month billed annually.

Standard: $49 per month billed annually.

Pro: $79 per month billed annually.

Enterprise: Quote-based plan.

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Best To-do list, Task & Reminder ($3 Per Month)


Todoist is known as the No.1 to-do list and task management software that helps in organizing work and life. Is a cloud-based service, this makes it easier for your task, list and to-do to sync automatically to any device used. Todoist is a productivity tool that helps you free your mental space by getting your entire daily task into the app.

Todoist Pro’s

Simple and functional interface

Calender sync and integrations

Set task priorities and reminders

Todoist Pricing:

Starter : $0 up to 5 per project

Premium: $36 per month billed annually.

Business: $60 per month billed annually.

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For Modern & Medium-Sized Enterprises ($9.80 Per Month).

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Wrike’s multiple views feature provides full transparency over your tasks with its built-in approval features can help your team seek complete feedback for each task. Their interesting feature which is a reliable security measure that helps to provide access to only authorized members. You can also breakdown tasks into several pieces to micro-manage them and tag your team members on each card.

Wrike pro’s:

Helps you simplify your workload

Suitable for team to edit and customize their tasks, workflows within a single task manager.

Real-time commenting on tasks and reliable reporting

Wrike Pricing:

Wrike comes with four plans:

Free: $0 for 5 users.

Professional: $9.80 per month for 5,10, 15 users.

Business: $24.80 per month for 5-200 users.

Enterprise: Quote-based plan for 5-unlimited users.

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Best For Kanban Boards ($9.99 Per Month).


Trello provides numerous templates for featured categories like engineering, marketing, business, and many more.

With its straightforward process, you and your teams can just copy the templates, customize them, and start collaborating. There is even the ability to attach images and files to any card.

Trello Pro’s

Integration with applications like Slack and Dropbox can lets you collaborate with your team by performing several tasks, like calendar commands, setting reminders, sharing files and also add activities

You can create stages for your projects – from the start and finish of the projects

Its boards and cards lets you collaborate with your team and get more work done in optimized time

Trello Pricing:

Free: $0 per user per month.

Business Class: $9.99 per user per month.

Enterprise: $20.83 per user per month.

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It has an intuitive user interface that can Instantly help you know what’s on track with board views, dashboards, and project health status updates. Teamwork popular time tracking features allow you to track how long tasks are taking so you can plan more effectively which allows you to check all team members’ workloads at a glance so you can assign and re-distribute tasks as required.

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Teamwork Pro’s:

Gantt charts, marked calendars and set-up reporting makes Project visualization easy.

Teamwork allows you to track time on a task-by-task basis so that you can show clients more detailed reports.

Project handling. Every project has features (tasks, messages, time, risks, billing, milestones, files, notebooks, links and comments) that can be turned on and off individually depending on the project class, adding more flexibility to project management.

Teamwork Pricing:

Free Forever: Max 2 Projects

Pro: $10 per user (annually), billed monthly is $12.50

Pro: $18 per user (annually), billed monthly is $22.50

You can also contact teamwork to discuss Enterprise pricing

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This software’s allow users to manage all their tasks in a single platform. They makes it easier for you to delegate and track tasks directly from your dashboard. With these task management tools you should be able to share files, feedback, ideas, and more. They can help all team members to keep track of the tasks from the same page and still get an enhanced view of the projects till it is completed.

Businesses today need the power of time managements. coachyvila can help with the tool and consultation that can create automated workflows and better time management to improve your time management and that of your team members.

Stay productive always.


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