Simple guides to quality link building for your Website

Simple guides to quality link building for your Website

When it comes to link building for SEO purposes, it’s important to not have such a narrow focus. It’s a good strategy to develop a link building campaign that spans over a year time period with monthly activities built-in and sticks to it; however, that doesn’t mean that those are the ONLY activities that you should implement. A typical link building strategy includes tactics like press release distribution, directory submission, social media engagement, social bookmarking, article marketing, local profile creation, and business profile creation. This is a good base and a good starting point, but you never know what kind of opportunity may come along as the year goes on. It’s important to keep your eye out for these kinds of opportunities. Developing a well-optimized website is only half of the SEO battle. The next step is to implement an ongoing link building campaign to establish trust with the search engines and target audience members.  

To build a quality link portfolio you must

Have a Diverse Approach and Update your strategies

There are plenty of sources of links out there, and it’s important to incorporate as many relevant sites into the mix as possible. Use link building tactics like blogging, blog commenting, guest blog posting, article marketing, press release distribution, directory submission, social networking, and video marketing. Relying too heavily on one or two strategies leaves a website vulnerable to search engine algorithm updates. It also limits visibility around the search engine. 

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Create Great Content and use simpler words

Links will not build naturally unless you create content that is worth linking to. In order for content to be “King” as it is frequently referenced, it needs to be good! Content should provide target audience members with some kind of value and can be for informational or educational purposes. Creating content should be of simpler words as you don’t want to teach your readers new bogus words but create value as for them to surf around your blog which at the end should yield results for the blogger or the reader. If writing and developing content isn’t your strength, hire someone to create it for you or outsource the work to a trusted content writer. 

Get Social and build consistency

An active social media presence can do more than help build a brand it has been reported that blogs with active reply system and the active content post grew organic traffic by 25% Mostly was from share’s and referral from reader’s to a blog. The search engines pay attention to “social signals” and links that are shared via social media sites play a role in search engine ranking as they automatically improve trust with web spiders. 

Link to Internal Pages, even beyond the homepage

When building links it’s important to think beyond the homepage. The homepage is important but the search engines rank individual web pages and an internal service or product page can also rank well as long as it establishes trust with links. So it is great when a site is linked to any other page you think would build your trust and online visibility. In fact, it is useful to have multiple links as the web crawler could crawl effectively through your blog’s contents and at the end grow your traffic. 

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Use Proper Anchor Text and avoid symbols on your anchors

The search engine spider “read” links to determine what a webpage is all about. If the inbound link is hyperlinked to the phrase “red dancing shoes”, the spider understands that the page contains information about red dancing shoes. 

Using anchor text like “click here” tells the spider absolutely nothing and unfortunately reduce your visibility and trust with web crawler’s. 

Network and build a relationship with your related niche

Establishing and maintaining relationships with other industry professionals can lead to new business opportunities, but it can also lead to linking opportunities. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask your connections if you can contribute content to their site that will improve visibility, establish a quality inbound link. 

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All the guide listed above are simple but yet an effective method for building quality links for your website, to maintain your trust and visibility online it is advised to always run a site audit as it is used for Identifying any harmful links and see what link building activities have been successful

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